Five types of earrings for casual outfits

Earrings are one of the most crucial accessories while styling any outfit. They hold the power to liven up even the dullest of outfits. When it comes to casual outfit, you can be as experimental as you want. To give you some ideas, here are the five types of earrings that you can pair up with your casual wear.



When in doubt, wear hoops. Hoops go with literally any outfit. They come in all sizes but the bigger the better. Invest in a pair of medium sized hoops in silver or gold color, whatever you like and match them up with any outfit from pants to dresses whenever you can’t decide on accessories. These earrings make you look bold and classy at the same time.



Studs are pretty basic and depending on their shape and size they can be paired up with any outfit, casual or formal. Match a pair of small studs with your outfit when you’re going for subtle earrings for that effortless casual look. They’re always a good option for women who like subtle and delicate jewelry.

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Going for a quirky look? Tassels are here to help. These come in various colors and types to match your outfits and occasions. Pair up your tassels with your ripped jeans and a top to give you a quirky casual look or even with your dresses and kaftans to create a boho look. You can even wear your tassels with a pretty dress to get a chic look for a casual date.


Feather earrings

Feathers work just as tassels but they’re a little more casual. This earring trend started in 2009 and even after being out there for 10 years, it continues to make a statement. Put on your feather earrings with a halter/ strap dress or top for that Sunday brunch look. You can even wear loose silhouette clothing to create a boho look with feathers.


Mismatched earrings

This is a latest trend catching up very fast. Mismatched earrings make you look bold and playful. Match the mismatched with your casuals when you’re feeling a little extra and make heads turn. The beauty of these earrings is that instead of buying for a pair of mismatched earrings, you can even pick out single earrings that go well together and pair them up for that stylish look.


Make the best out of those piercings and define your style with your earrings.

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