Five ways to relieve menstrual cramps

Tired of menstrual cramps every month? Menstrual cramps are not only painful but can make doing daily chores really difficult for three days every month. The pain is inevitable but there are many ways you can relieve it. Here are five home remedies to relieve you of menstrual cramps and make your life easier on those days

Apply heat to your lower abdomen

Heat helps in relaxing the contracted muscles in the uterus, thereby reducing pain. Take a hot shower or put a hot water bag or a heating pad on your lower abdomen to do the trick. You can even keep sipping on warm fluids to keep your body warm and relaxed.

Sip on chamomile tea

Chamomile tea contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory that help relax the uterus and reduce prostaglandins production. Keep sipping on chamomile while trying to relax your body. The warm tea not only relaxes your uterus but the entire body. And chamomile tea also helps in putting you to sleep.

Exercise a little

Exercising may seem like a bad idea because it can get even difficult to move during the cramps. But it helps increase the circulation in the pelvic region and releases endomorphins that relieves the pain and makes you feel better. Also, try lying on your back and bending your knees or try yoga to feel at ease.


Massage with essential oils

Essential oils like lavender oil and sesame oil have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieving pain. Heat some oil and gently massage over the lower abdomen for 5 minutes for effective relief.

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Make herbal teas

Make herbal teas such as cumin tea and ginger and black pepper tea. Cumin seeds have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that help relieve period pain. Make some herbal tea with cumin seeds for effective pain relief. Cumin also has relaxing effects on the body to make you feel at ease. Ginger, on the other hand helps reducing the production of prostaglandins and can also fight fatigue. Make some herbal tea with dried ginger and black pepper to feel refreshed and relieve the pain.

The days when you can’t get out of the house due to the pain, these home remedies come in real handy.


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