Five ways to remove stains from white clothes at home

Can’t get rid of that curry stains on your favorite white shirt? You don’t have to throw it away as there are plenty of ways to save your shirt at home. Here are some home remedies to get rid of the stains from your white clothes

Vinegar for underarm sweat and perfume stains

Vinegar helps in removing mild stains from the clothes and adds some brightness to them. Pour ½ cup of white vinegar in the washing machine when washing your white clothes. If the stain is a little persistent, then soak the cloth in white vinegar for a little while before washing it. The clothes will come out much brighter and look fresher.

Baby powder for curry and oil stains

Baby powder works miracles when it comes to removing stains. Sprinkle the required amount of baby powder on the stained area and wait for 4-5 hours for it to soak up the stain. Then remove the stain using a vacuum cleaner.

Toothpaste for oil stains on cotton fabric

Toothpaste helps in removing stains on cotton fabric and also whitening it. Squeeze out some toothpaste on a brush and apply on the stained area. Scrub the surface if necessary and then rinse it off. The stain goes away in an instant leaving fresh white fabric.

Lemon juice for yellow underarms

Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent because of the presence of acetic acid. Squeeze some lemon juice directly on the underarm or a mild stain and keep it out in the sun. After sometime, wash the cloth as usual and the stain will be gone. However, avoid spilling any lemon juice on a colored cloth as it may lead to permanent discoloration of the cloth.

Club soda for curry

This one is a savior at restaurants. You can use club soda to prevent a cloth from getting stained by immediately using it after the spillage. Pour some club soda directly on the stain as soon as you spill the curry and wait for some time for the stain to rise to the surface. After that, wash the cloth as usual and there will be no stains.

One thing about white clothes is that they get dirty and dull very easily. But with so many ways to save your whites at home, you can expand their lifetime and have them looking fresh.

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