Flawless foundation hack gone viral on tiktok

A 5-step foundation hack has gone viral on tiktok, with hundreds of users sharing videos testing the hack, along with their stunned reactions.
The hack claims to leave a smooth and flawless, filter like skin.

New York-based user Jarida was the first one to post the hack, sharing a clip with detailed steps saying: ‘If you wear makeup, watch, change your whole routine and try this instead.’
The hack doesn’t require use of any unique or newer products to get the look, but rather to simply ‘change the order’ of applying traditional base products.

It requires the use of powder under liquid products, which is seen by some as being a beauty faux pas.

Traditionally, makeup users are encouraged to use powder products as a end step after liquids like moisturizer, primer and foundation.

Beauty experts suggests that people prepare their skin with a moisturizer and a primer, and then apply their foundation directly over the primer, before using a loose powder to keep it all in place, with the option to follow all of that with a misting of setting spray.

But according to Jarida, applying all of those products before the foundation is the key to achieving a smooth, silk-like complexion.

She says: ‘Moisturize first, then after moisturizing, take some translucent powder – I usually use the [Maybelline New York Fit Me] one, and I just lightly dab it all over my face. Don’t use too much.’

After that, Jarida tells viewers to apply a setting spray, noting that ‘it can be any setting spray’, and revealing that she ‘usually uses the NYX one’.

‘After the setting spray, take your primer and just [apply] your primer,’ she continues, while warning that you have to wait until your setting spray has dried before moving on to the priming product.

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