Foreign powers gate-crash Trump:

The U.S.  President, Donald Trump, is known for his unorthodox methods of communication, including using his personal Twitter account to spread messages among Americans. But his unwillingness to use the White House landline could mean that foreign powers are gaining insights into how to manipulate Mr. Trump and affect his administration’s policy.

Trump routinely calls old friends, business partners, and confidants on his personal iPhone while in the White House, giving foreign spies easy access to his personal communications and interests, reports The New York Times. Despite the fact that Trump has reportedly given in to pressure and uses his secure landline more often these days, he still refuses to give up his iPhone on multiple occasions. His aides hope that Mr. Trump does not discuss classified information when using them.

The Duo : China and Russia.

Spying on cell phone calls is pretty common amongst foreign powers — remember when the Obama administration got caught listening in on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone?  Trump has three iPhones: two official modified government phones for Twitter and phone calls. Then, there’s his personal phone, which he reportedly won’t give up because it has his contacts in it. Chinese and Russian spies are believed to be eavesdropping on Donald because of his refusal to give up his mobile phones.

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Chinese intelligence is reportedly listening in on the calls in order to figure out who influences Trump’s decisions. They try to influence them to give the president China-friendly advice. The Russians’ efforts aren’t as calculated. They’re mostly just listening in.

Officials told the Times that Beijing’s goal is to use the information they’ve gathered. So that it helps prevent a full-blown trade war between the U.S. and China. The goal is to keep Trump from escalating the ongoing trade war with China. Chinese intelligence agencies hoping–learning more about Trump’s behaviour, they can use people close to him to influence policy. The Russians are thought to be running a less sophisticated operation.  Because of Trump’s close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

God Bless America!

President Donald recently joked about the lack of mobile security. In a Wall Street Journal interview, the president said, “Don’t give it to me on the phone. I don’t want it on the phone.

While former US President Barack Obama used heavily modified iPhone. His phone could not make or receive calls, and it has no camera or microphone. It couldn’t even download apps. Trump’s iPhone security is notoriously bad. He also once left his phone in the back of a golf cart, so there’s that. Sleep tight America.

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