Fostex showcases the latest TM2 Wireless Earphones

Are you one of the people who have spent quite a lot of money in buying a high-end earbuds? Such as Shure or Westone? Are you feeling left out with the trending wireless earphones or earbuds?
Well, you need not worry anymore. The company called Fostex has made life easier for you (in terms of earbuds) with their TM2 wireless earphones.

Fostex TM2 wireless earphones –

On the 24th of January, 2019, the Japanese company displayed this unique earphones at The NAMM Show 2019. The NAMM is the world’s largest musical instrument exhibition and for this year, it was held at Anaheim, USA.

Fostex is well-known for their over-ear headphone models; hence it is quite overwhelming for them to bring about such a combination. And this combination includes utilizing an existing premium in-ear headphones with an amazing wireless performance.

Basically, the new Fostex TM2 wireless earphones are a true-wireless set in their own right, but they’re also modular, allowing you to hook up your favorite pair of earphones that already have an MMCX cable connection.

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Specifications of the Fostex TM2 –

The TM2 is a MMCX removable type equipped with a flexible short cable detachable with an MMCX connector. Even with installed original earphones, even with your favorite MMCX compatible earphone; you can enjoy it as a complete wireless earphone on the same day.

It has the following features or specifications –

  • High-performance module type φ 6 mm driver unit in each bud developed by the company that realizes high sound quality.
  • Built around Qualcomm’s QCC3026 chip.
  • Fostex credits for making their laudable 12-hour battery life possible. (along with the chunky battery modules; that go behind the listener’s ear and give the TM2 that inelegant hearing aid look).
  • Supporting Bluetooth 5, AptX, and Qualcomm’s True Wireless Stereo — which connects the source device directly to each earphone
  • Allows for independent use and a more robust connection
  • Bluetooth receiver section adopting ear-hook type hook shape.
  • It is a complete wireless earphone compatible with True Wireless Stereo Plus; basically based on Qualcomm’s latest standards, which consists of three parts of earphones.
  • The TM2 modules will have physical switches for play / pause. Also, they have call control along with touch control for volume.
  • And, of course, it consists of voice assistant activation.

Unfortunately, Fostex didn’t have a functional pair on hand at the NAMM show for me to try their sound. Hence, if you have longer hair and an absolute disdain for the five-hour battery life; then this TM2 idea is intriguing, maybe even compelling.

Availability and Price –

Fostex TM2 is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2019. That is, the official release will be scheduled around March or April of 2019.

The Japanese company would sell the product for about $299.99.

Source: TheVerge

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