These Countries Have Free Wi-fi Access

The world is moving to a point where everyone is connected to the internet and our lives are slowly moving online. In some countries, internet access in great and pocket-friendly while in others it is meagre and expensive. You have to wonder if there are any countries in the world who offer their citizens, free internet via Wifi? Guess what, there are some countries that have free Wi-fi. Let’s have a look


There are many cities in France that have a strong free Wi-fi like Nie, Marseille and its capital Paris. In the city of lights Paris, people can access more than 400 Wi-fi hotspots across many locations in the city including museums, monuments, and libraries.

How to access free Wifi in France: Search for the Paris Wi-Fi network and get connected. While at any airport in France, just fill a short form and you are entitled to free Wi-Fi (256 Kbps). This may be renewable after 30 minutes. For other places, log in to any of the free Wi-Fi maps and select the desired hotspot.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers free Wi-fi networks, especially at major tourist attraction centers, shopping malls, museums, gardens, food courts, etc. The Hong Kong International airport has free Wi-Fi access in almost all the seating and public areas across terminals, as do all public transport places and railways stations. In some cases, the Wi-fi is absolutely free while in others it is free till a specified time

How to access free Wifi in Hong Kong:  Download the Wifi.HKK app and search for a list of hotspot locations and then connect with Wi-Fi.HKK.SSID (Service Set identifier.)  At the railway station, select MTR Free Wi-Fi to connect. It is free for the first 15 minutes per session. Each mobile can have 5 such sessions.

United Kingdom

The UK offers thousands of free legal hotspots across many cities and towns, including tourist spots like the National History Museum and London’s Imperial War Museum. This makes UK one of the top 5 countries offering free Wi-fi.

How to access free Wifi in the UK: At hotels, the login details usually come with the room information pack. In other places, a quick visit to a nearby café can reveal the hot spots. Most major service providers in the UK provide Wifi access in public areas. You can also check a few websites like where you will find an entire list of free Wifi hotspots.


Singapore is the second country with the fastest Wi-Fi connectivity, and you will find government-enabled free Wi-Fi services at almost all tourist places. Under the aegis of Wireless@SG, they aim to equip all public places with free Wifi through numerous hotspots.

How to access free Wifi in Singapore: Switch on Wi-Fi connectivity on your laptop or smartphone. Select “Wireless@SG” network. Scroll to the bottom of the sign-in page and sign up for a new account. If you are using a foreign number, select “foreign mobile number” and fill in your details. Please ensure your international roaming is activated because an SMS will be sent to your mobile. Log in with that password, and you can have free internet access for the next 24 hours.

A few honorable mentions: Croatia, Denmark, and Ireland offer some of the best Wifi services in both public and private spaces

Saving the best for last…


At 30 Mbps, Lithuania has been ranked as the country with the fastest public Wifi download speed. There are many free internet zones, especially in the city’s main streets, cafes, etc. The Vilnius International Airport has a free Wi-Fi connection, and so do all major tourist areas. Even the buses in Lithuania boast of free Wi-Fi.

How to access free Wifi in Lithuania: Once at Lithuania airport, log in to ‘Invest Lithuania Free Wi-Fi’ and access free-of-charge Internet connectivity for six hours a day—both at arrival and departure. For free connectivity in the cities, download apps that store the location of free Wi-Fi hotspots on your phone. Whenever you wish to connect, simply click on a network. A word of caution—be careful to click on the correct network designated to that place.

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