Free YouTube Prime Membership for Students!

If you have been visiting YouTube for quite some time now, you would have noticed the free one month membership of YouTube Music.
But what’s better than that is a students special 3 months of Free Membership of YouTube Premium; or if you require just music then you can get 3 months free of just YouTube Music Premium.

The Magnificent Deal for Students –

YouTube Music Premium is Google’s paid music streaming service, which allows for users to stream, download, and discover new music; basically it’s Spotify or Apple Music, but built off YouTube. YouTube Premium is the more comprehensive subscription; which allows for downloading YouTube videos on mobile, removes ads from YouTube; and gives access to YouTube Original shows, in addition to all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium.

Google officially tweeted the following on its YouTube Music account handle regarding this deal.


The deal essentially works by having students sign up for the discounted plan of their choice ($4.99 per month for YouTube Music Premium, or $6.99 per month for YouTube Premium); but instead of getting one month free, for a limited time, they now get three months. After that time expires, Google will start charging you the usual monthly price; unless you opt out and cancel the subscription, so that’s something to keep an eye on.

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Amazon too Joining the Premium Parade of Deals –

Google isn’t the only company offering a deal for students: Amazon just announced Prime Student members can now get Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 per month, too.

Basically, Amazon Prime Student subscribers can now add an Amazon Music Unlimited membership to their plans for an extra $0.99 per month. Existing customers can add on the benefit, and new college students who haven’t yet tried Prime Student can sign up for a six-month trial here, and get access to the streaming service.

After the free six-month trial ends, Amazon’s Prime Student membership is normally $6.49 a month; which is still a 50 percent discount compared to a regular Prime membership. With the $1 Music Unlimited add-on, that would put the streaming service at $7.49 for students; which is slightly more expensive than Apple Music and Spotify’s $5 a month plan for students.
Also Spotify’s student plan even includes Showtime and Hulu, making the bundle a great deal for college students.

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