Gain more followers and up your instagram game with these simple tips

To become a successful instagram influencer, you need a good number of followers. We blindly follow all the methods we think could help us get more followers and some even pay for it. But to actually make a difference, you need to have legit audience interested in your content. While obviously the first step is to create exciting and engaging content, there are a few simple hacks that could help you gaining more followers and increasing your reach.

Hashtagging is the key

Hashtags can be pretty fun to work with. While there’s a hashtag for literally every situation, feel free to experiment with more than one and one word hashtags. You can even follow the hashtags for cool new ideas and inspirations and follow and draw attention of people who share similar interests as you.

Revise the bio URL

Get creative with your introduction. People will know that you’re an influencer and your niche by seeing your posts but your bio could be a game changer. Get creative with it and keep updating and posting the URL of your latest content weekly or at least bi weekly.

Expand in influencer marketing

Visit your favourite influencers and brands’ instagram pages and turn on the notifications so you get notified every time they post something new and engage with them through comments. That’s the easiest way of getting more attention and people to like you. And who knows you may even get to collaborate with them and expand further.

Filter out the posts

You don’t want unnecessary content on your page that might confuse and misguide your audience. Clear out all the unwanted stuff and delete the old, irrelevant posts if any. Also check out for your tagged photos and if you find something personal or irrelevant that you don’t want the world you’re influencing to see, you might want to clear that out too. Keeping clean and showing the world only what you gives your content a direction and makes it more influential.

Go all local

You can always start with specialising in your area. Literally! Find out the interesting places and activities in your city that could provide relevant content for your niche and visit and review them. It’ll help you make a lot of connections and even collaborate with other influencers with the same niche from your city. When you truly have a name in your city, it gets real easy to expand to other places.

Making your mark on instagram as an influencer doesn’t happen by a random chance. There’s a lot of planning and plotting required to understand the algorithm to the success. If you’re new to this, it would really help if you try to understand how the algorithm works as it really makes it easier for you to get your ideas through.

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