Home products are the new cool. Google Home, Amazon Alexa has already been in the market and their sales have been touching heights. The South Korean brand has vouched to enter into the smart home market, by announcing Galaxy Home, Bixby. Although not a lot has been revealed by Samsung, this was announced at the launch of Galaxy Note 9 in Brooklyn, New York. Bixby, as the name suggests, is similar to Alexa by Amazon where the user has to command Alexa to perform tasks. The tasks are limited to what it is programmed to doing. This is the same case with Bixby. Smart home is a term that compels us to reminisce the era we are living in.


Galaxy Bixby and its features

Bixby, although not a lot has been revealed by the tech giant, the official website lists its features that are too good to be true. “Coming Soon” as the website states, the aim of this galaxy home is to complement our spaces. Shaped like a strange vase, it caters of aesthetics of the room. They endeavor to deliver a personalized experience along with the powerful sound by AKG that fills the room.  Galaxy Home is the only Artificial Intelligent Speaker. When it is asked, the speaker intuitively moves a wave of sound directly towards the user.

The goal is pretty simple – to immerse the user with the sound of the speaker. To ease lives, we can resort to turning off the lights to locking the doors, to starting the dishwashers with this device. It even controls the Air Conditioner, vacuum cleaners, light switches, refrigerator – anything can be controlled with just a human voice.

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Strong competition in the market

Each home smart product – Google, Amazon or Samsung has its own features, however, they all follow one protocol. The protocol of making the users’ lives easier, by enabling a technology that listens to human voice. The speaker is all set to enter the market. Amazon has already taken over an early lead since Alexa is popular. Alexa has been touching heights of sales due to its simple functioning and one of a kind technology. With Samsung out in the market with the same technology but unique features, there seems to be a strong competition gearing up.

Google Home on the other hand has managed to also sell millions of them because of low pricing strategy. Google and Amazon have been in the market for quite some time now and the new entry of Samsung with their Bixby is a sight to behold. Samsung and Apple may find themselves yet again, contending for lack of smarts in their speakers. With the consumers resorting to smart speakers already, the question of survival of Bixby is a matter of concern. Let’s hope for the best until then, let’s welcome Bixby with open arms.

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