Game of Thrones Fans Unhappy with the Final Season

Note : Complete Spoilers Alert!!
19th May, 2019, marked the end of an era, that is, the Game of Thrones era. After a decade, the series has finally ended but the fans don’t seem to be happy or satisfied with the way things turned out.
Read on to know more about what are few of the major parts of the show which made the historical Game of Thrones fans unhappy.

Game of Thrones fans are fed up –

The series has enjoyed many twists and unexpected surprises throughout the plot, but few surprises were taken in a disappointing manner.

The viewers did enjoy the character building of each of the characters; Jon Snow, initially being an outsider to becoming the King of the North to becoming the true heir to the Throne; Arya Stark growing outstandingly throughout the series; Sansa Stark becoming a wise woman from the broken version of her with Joeffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton; Daenerys Targaryen having quite a lot of supporting titles for her good work; Bran becoming the three-eyed raven; many many more characters growing throughout.

This final season was supposed to be a climax of brilliant storytelling, a time when all the pieces in this sprawling, intricate Westeros puzzle finally snapped into place.
But the following few instances were not quite approved by the fans. They blame the rushed story lines, unexplained loose ends and beloved characters doing things that don’t feel true to their nature.

1) Dany turning into the Mad Queen –

Daenerys, AKA the Mother of Dragons, the Breaker of Chains, Protector of the Realm, etc. was shown as the apt leader who is kind and helps the ones in need. Importantly she liberated the slaves and showed compassion for the downtrodden.
But just before the finale, she ends up following her father’s footsteps in becoming the Mad Queen.

game of thrones

The entire scene of her burning down the city was quite disturbing; since the plot didn’t specifically mention why she changed from the Mother of Dragon to the Mother of Ashes. It could possibly be her ally from the beginning – Missandei’s death by Cersei (as mentioned by Jon in the final episode to Thyrion). Yet, it doesn’t justify for the hero to turn into the devil by burning hundreds of innocent men, women and children alive.

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2) Night King’s death without any history –

Yes, we all know about the WhiteWalkers and of course their leader – The Night King. Fans expected some kind of story that would who he is or what his origin was. But just after the war, Arya stabs him, and that marks the end of the infamous Night King.

The plot once again seemed to have rushed to such an extent that even though his death scene was quite breathtaking along with the story behind Arya’s prophecy by Lady Melisandre. Prophecy being that Arya will close many eyes—including brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes. But the Night King’s past? Who was the man initially changed by the Children of the Forest?
Writers could have had at least 5 minutes to show that information.

3) Cersei’s Quiet Death –

Few would have thought Cersei Lannister’s death would overcome the quick death of the Night King. Maybe Arya or maybe The Hound or maybe Dany or probably even Jamie?

Well, (Spoiler Alert!) she ends up dying in the arms of her genuine loved one – her brother – Jamie Lannister. No. Read that again. Not by him. With him. In silence. In the Red Keep. The punctuation speaks for itself.

A lot was expected of how the cruel Cersei would die or who would kill her and her unborn child. But Jamie going back to her just to die with her? Seriously?
Not being a spoilsport but the hater would definitely say that the scene was an absolute melodramatic one with her going in peace.

The list is quite long and as you would have noticed, it is also interesting. Do stay tuned for our next article wherein we continue the list of everything that went wrong with GoT.

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