Games to play with your partner while you are drunk

Drinking can get more exciting with your partner when you have something crazy to play with them. If you are looking for games that can help you come closer to your partner, you are at the right place!

Here are 3 such games:

1. Look Into My Eyes
When was the last time you guys glared onto each other and felt the romance? You don’t remember! This is the time. A perfect game to play when you both are drunk. Look into each other’s eyes and who so ever blinks first, needs to take a shot/drink. From second blink to after every blink, you need to take off one of your clothing. It will become really exciting and make you look into your partner’s eye no matter what.

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2. Flip, Sip or strip
All you need for this is a coin. Flip a coin and your partner has to tell whether it is heads or tails. If they guess it right, nothing happens. But if wrong, they have to sip a shot. In their next turn, if it is still wrong, they need to strip off a part of their clothing. It grows intense and exciting with every other chance.

3. Never Have I Ever
Drinking is incomplete without this game. One of you has to make a statement with something wild or naughty which you have not done before like ‘Never have i ever kisses any one’s private part’. If your partner has done it, they take a shot. But if you haven’t done something your partner has, you can ask them to show you up of how did it.
It will be really notorious and fun.

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