Gen X women get less sleep than any other generation. What’s keeping them up?

Gen X women or those born between 1965 and 1980 are found to sleep less than 7 hours/night. While, women of other generations like boomers or millennials and men of the same generation are seen to have better sleep patterns and quality.

A major Gallup poll 2016 found that 16% of women between the age of 18-30 years of generation X were single. On the other hand, only 10% of boomers are single at that age.

As women are getting more educated and self- dependent, their marriage age is seemingly increasing. Which means the children of the X gen women are only in their teenage when the mothers are in their late 40s – the age when they face hormonal fluctuations and imbalance. Middle age is different for X gen women than that of any other elder generation. The stress of managing house-hold chores, job or financial life as well as growing up children and their career choices, all together leads to stress and disturbed sleep cycle.

According to the Gallup polls 2017, the two major stressors for X gen women were work and children. They also complaint of becoming a part of the ‘sandwich generation’– caring for young children while also looking for ageing parents.

Also, the post menopausal effects such as heavy mood swings, breast pain or cysts, change in appetite etc. contribute towards major sleep disturbances.

While the women of this generation tried managing their sleep by using a number of ways. Consuming hormones, birth control pills , engaging in workouts and spending more time with nature, helped them only in a short run. But none of these turned out to be a permanent solution. Nothing worked out to decrease their anxiety levels and improve their sleep quality. What really helped them was just the thought that there are millions of other women of their age too, of the X generation that are struggling to sleep, and they aren’t alone.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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