Gender, Climate Change, And How They Interact

Climate change is a phenomenon that will impact everyone, irrespective of their identity. It is also something that all humans have contributed towards, irrespective of their gender, race, economic background, et cetera.

However, researchers have found that gender has an impact on the way individuals affect climate change and vice versa.


The way that individuals contribute to climate change is different depending on their gender. Conversely, the way that climate change impacts individuals is also affected by gender.

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Various studies have found that certain habits of men and women are different. Hence, they have a different impact on the environment.

Sweden´s Innovation Agency found that if men’s travel pattern were to become similar to women’s, travel-related emissions could be reduced by nearly 20%. However, another study found that men are more likely to opt for cycling. It was also found that out of all car commuters that travelled for more than an hour, 2/3rd of them were men.

Gender, Climate Change, And How They Interact

Additionally, an 11,000 subject survey found that men constituted less than 30% of the vegan community. This survey was conducted in the US.

On the other hand, gender also has an impact on the way that climate change affects individuals. It also affects their role in fighting climate change.

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According to UNESCO, there are 3 ways in which gender is important in conversations about climate change. They are:

  • Victims – Owing to social roles, discrimination, and poverty, women are affected differently and more severely by climate change
  • Agents of change – Despite being under-represented in decision-making processes, women possess knowledge and skills that are integral to the fight against climate change
  • SDGs – The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN have a gendered perspective, hence making women the key to achieving these goals

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