Gender Equality Still Decades Away

Gender dynamics in the professional sphere has come a long way. It has come from women being absolutely absent from professional spaces to being 40% of the global workspace. However, we’re still decades away from where we need to be.


In the century that we’ve been celebrating International Women’s Day, the gender ratio has made a lot of progress. In 1911, most of the world’s unpaid and underpaid work was being done by women.

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Now, this ratio has been continuously rising. Slowly and steadily, but it has been rising.

Gender Equality Still Decades Away

In 4 years, the percentage of females comprising the global workforce has risen from 38% to 40%. The share of senior leadership positions held by females has also increased by 3% since 2016.

However, this situation is far from ideal.


Researchers have found that the number of women in the global workforce will increase by just 3% in the next decade. This research was conducted by human resources consulting firm Mercer.

The gender pay gap is a major problem the world is facing today. On average, women earn nearly 60% of what men earn. In 2017, the WEF estimated that it would take 217 years to close the pay gap. Furthermore, men still do 1.7 hours of unpaid work. However, women do 4.4 hours of the same.

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Even though the share of leadership positions women occupy has increased, they still just occupy executive leadership roles and 29% of senior manager roles globally.

All these years of progress and the world is nowhere near its goal.

“The reality is it may take much longer than 20 or 30 years,” Angela Berg said. “Even in the best-case scenario, if you do the math, we’re still decades from 50/50 representation.” Berg is Partner and Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader at Mercer.

Even though it is decades away, this goal cannot be achieved until firms start taking steps to improve the gender ratio in their own workforce. They need to need to step up efforts to enhance hiring, promotion and retention of women.

“To each, their own”, and that is the only way we’ll ever achieve gender equality.

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