George Floyd – Minneapolis Protests Over Police Custody Death Of Unarmed Black Man

The racial tensions in the USA have reached a boiling point once again after the death of George Floyd. He had died in custody after abhorrent treatment was served out to him by four white police officers.

All of them have been fired with immediate effect as the issue gains national recognition. This was after protests erupted throughout the country. A video had gone viral on the internet where a white police officer was seen choking Floyd with his knee on his neck.

Even after the poor man pleaded for mercy saying that he was unable to breathe, the police showed no mercy. This is what led to hundreds of people protesting in Minneapolis. The police response to these protests was very high handed which led to further violence in the country.

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George Floyd - Minneapolis Protests Over Police Custody Death Of Unarmed Black Man


His death led to an outcry in the country over severe punishment for the concerned police officers. The protests soon turned violent with windows being smashed, graffitis sprayed on to walls, and police cars vandalized.

Police spokesman John Elder also revealed that one person was shot in a non-life-threatening incident in the protests. As the protestors marched to a police station, officers in riot gear tried to control them and even fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the protesting young people.

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George Floyd - Minneapolis Protests Over Police Custody Death Of Unarmed Black Man

U.S. rep. Ilhan Omar criticized the approach of the police.

“Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed protesters when there are children present should never be tolerated,” she said on Twitter. “Ever.”

The country has been pushed on the edge and further violence can no longer be tolerated. There needs to be strict action against the police officers who committed this act. That’s the only reason why so many protestors are ready to cause damage to property without thinking of the repercussions that might follow from the police after such violent acts being committed by the protestors right after the huge killing incident.

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