German based Sustainable fashion brands with eco-friendly efforts

With increasing consumerism, fast fashion has become one of the most common factors causing pollution.
According to Greenpeace survey, German’s have 5.2 billion pieces of clothing stashed away in their wardrobes; 40 percent of which is never worn with Greenpeace claiming that most unused items are thrown away.
However, many companies have shifted their stance on the benefits of sustainable fashion, producing garments through socially responsible labour practices from sustainably sourced fabrics.

Here are some German-based brands doing their bit to tackle the issue of fast fashion.

It is a vegan brand focusing on three key components in their garments, which are durability, sustainability and fairness to people and nature. They mainly deal in backpacks which incorporate corks. Since it is a natural material, it gives both a unique look as well as extreme durability. They aren’t just producing sustainable pieces,but also supporting a local community economially.
The cords and zippers are produced in Germany, the recycled PET felt from Italy, and the cork from Portugal.

Jan n June
Jan n june works on the ideal of transparency and sustainability. It ensures that its buyers know where they are spending. They also reuse their carton shipping boxes as often as possible. Use of purely recycled office paper supplies and cutting down the level of plastic used throughout the entire shipping process, helps them ensure sustainability. They believe that affordable fashion does not entail a choice between a reasonable price and the environment.
The fabrics used by the brand are certified by GOTS, the Global Recycling Standard and Oekotex.

The brand manufacturers effective and lightweight backpacks, which are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. The label offers an original angle of purely sustainable design and production without compromise. The brand strives towards creating ‘sophisticated and timeless products’ for its consumers.
It also believe that ‘sustainability is a promise for the future’.

The brand works on the idea of transparency.
They say ‘transparency empowers us all to make more informed buying decisions.’
They break down the cost of every garment they manufacturer, it helps consumer know where their money is going towards. It also maintains a local production base in the capital, to cut down on emissions from transport.

The brand emphasizes on cutting down the costs of middle-man, skipping physical retail and offering their products at an identical rate to the wholesale price. it increases its expenses by including higher quality material. They also aim to make garments timeless, so people throw them less.

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