Ghee or clarified butter is known to offer various health benefits. From boosting immunity to strengthening muscles, it has been a part of healthy diet plans since ages. Even during pregnancy, most women are advised to consume ghee. However, some people say that consuming ghee can give extra fat to women or make them gain weight even after delivery. So what’s the truth? Is ghee good or bad for pregnancy?

Medical practitioners suggest consuming ghee during pregnancy can give various health benefits to women as well as contribute in healthy development on the baby. Some say, it also helps provide natural lubrication at the time of delivery, though there is no scientific evidence about it. It is still considered healthy for the physical and mental growth of the child.


Since pregnant women need some extra calories during the second trimester, ghee can help add to that in the healthiest possible way as ghee is considered to be the healthiest oil present on the planet.

So, can ghee make you gain weight during or after pregnancy?
Consuming ghee in moderation i.e 2-3 spoons can prove to be very healthy without making you gain weight. Excessive of anything is bad. So try not to consume too much or consult your doctor for it.

In what way can you consume ghee?
You can either have spoons full of ghee directly, which would be the purest form to consume. Else, you can include it in your cooking by replacing refined oils which aren’t good for health. For cravings, you can even make ladoos or sweets out of ghee and have them in moderation.

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