Gift ideas for husband’s first birthday after marriage

While there are hundreds of gifting options for women, there are only a few available for men. Does it become really tricky to choose a unique and special gift for your special one?
If you are newly married and looking for a standout gift for your husband’s first birthday after marriage, you can go about with these ideas:

1. Bake a cake
They might be cutting cakes on every birthday even before marriage, but how about you baking a cake with love stuffed inside?
Don’t think, they would love it!.

Checkout our recipe for easy cake baking here: How to make a quick and easy cake during lockdown

2. Customised products
First birthday is special, make it more special by getting a few lovely presents for him. Get a customised T-shirt/phone cover/ wallet/ cup or anything you feel he would love. Get his name and pic printed on it or even both of yours’ together.

3. Confetti party
Throwing a confetti party on his first birthday will it so memorable that he won’t forget it his entire life. Invite his family and friends and plan a surprise party. Make arrangements for his favourite meal, games and music.

4. Handmade Gifts
You can make this birthday special and unforgettable by making cards, diy scrap books , jars and other gifts for him. Get your pictures printed and make it an emotional recap of all your memories.

5. Special gift
If you aren’t already over with your budget, get a special gift for his birthday. It may be a smart phone/ wallet/ camera or anything he requires or desires to own. Fulfilling his needs or desires will definitely help you score a special place in his heart and life.

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