Giorgio Armani sparks fury with rant about the fashion industry of ‘raping’ women by making them wear provocative clothes

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani, 85 has been accused of diminishing sexual violence against women as he claimed the industry was “raping” women with short-lived trends and sex-driven marketing.
His choice of language was criticized for taking the effect of sexual abuse with no seriousness.

Armani’s choice of language was denounced on Friday by critics who felt it amounted to taking the effect of sexual abuse too lightly.
Armani told reporters that its time for him to speak his heart , women get rape by designers.
Presenting his Emporio Armani line at Milan fashion week, he spoke: “If a lady walks on the street and sees an ad with a woman with her boobs and arse in plain sight and she wants to be like that too, that’s a way of raping her,” Armani said. “You can rape a woman in many ways, either by throwing her in the basement or by suggesting that she dresses in a certain way.”

In another tweet, Moore wrote, “The exploitation of women in fashion imagery is not a new phenomenon, far from it. And I do think Armani has tried always to be respectful of women in his work. But the word “rape” is very charged, in any language.”

The designer, known for his sober, elegant outfits, founded his label in 1975 and has built it into a global brand. “In my show, there are short skirts, long skirts, ample and tight trousers. I have given maximum freedom to women who can use all possibilities if they are sensible,” he said.

Models wore lace-trimmed shorts, opaque tights and wide-legged trousers. Dressed were ruffled and cinched at the waist with belts or combined velvet and silk. Jackets, long and flowing or cropped and buttoned, were combined with tiny halter-neck tops. Footwear mainly consisted of laced up boots, and bags and clutches were small. Velvet, a recurring material, was also used in accessories.

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