Have you tried these 5 photo editing apps for your iPhone?

In this world of super active social media lives, we are always trying to find different ways to make our pictures stand out. With so many upcoming apps and techniques, we are always experimenting to feel and look our best n instagram. Here are the five best iPhone photo editing apps of the year to make your job easier and give you the best of effects for your photos.


VSCO is famous for its special film-like filters make your social media seem like a vintage movie. It has a set of 130+ one-tap filters to choose from to give you a classic film look. It also has other basic features like exposure correction, color correction, brightness adjustment and tools for cropping. The filters are very subtle with adjustable filter strengths and give soft faded effects. The basic version of VSCO is free to download with 10 free filter presets and the premium VSCO X is paid with full access to all the filters.


It is one of the most popular and user friendly photo editing apps and is favourite among bot beginners and experienced iPhone photographers. It is free to use and offers a huge collection of editing tools. Apart from the usual basic features of color correction, brightness adjustment, exposure correction and tools for cropping, it features selective brushes and tools to edit selective parts of the image. It also features a set of filters for different moods in the photos. It is a great app to begin your journey of photo editing as it takes minimum effort to create dramatic effects to the photos with this app.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe has made its name in the world of photo editing. This is an advanced photo editing app for precise fine-tuning of color and exposure of the photos. It also features one tap preset for quick editing. With Adobe creative cloud, it also syncs your pictures on the phone with the mac and iPad. The app is free with an additional cost for some features. This works very similarly to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom on the computer.

Superimpose X

It is a special app used for combining and blending different images. With this app, you can create unique digital art by using different pictures to create one picture. It has various effects like blur, shadows and other filters. With this app, you can also replace the background of the images and allows you to use various masking tools. It is a paid app because of its unique features.  


Mextures is one of the best apps for applying and amplifying grains, textures and light leaks for creative editing. It features different film textures like grunge, grit, grain and vintage textures. You can create different edits by blending different effects and also add different moods. If you’re new to the app, you can start with a set of preset filters and later experiment and explore.

These new and easy to use apps are taking the game of photo editing to another level. And its your turn to be the game changer now.

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