5 Gmail tricks to make your life easier

Are you new to corporate life? Are you struggling to keep up your pace with the endless emails in your inbox? Maybe your inbox is too cluttered and you don’t know how you are ever going to organize it? Here are 5 Gmail tricks that will make your life easier:

Unsend an email

If you ever send out a mail by accident, you can retrieve it, correct that mistake and save yourself some embarrassment. When you send an email, you have 30 seconds to click the undo button to retrieve the email that got away. I didn’t know this feature for quite some time and used to send an apologetic.  Just as you can delete your WhatsApp messages, you can rescind your email.

Use multiple accounts together

This is something you might be familiar with but it is amazing the amount of time and effort you save because of this feature. At any given time, I am logged into at least 4 different Gmail accounts. I can operate them together and switch between easily. Click on the Add Account button on the top right corner and log into a new account.

Ranking your emails

If you are buried with a lot of emails in your inbox, sort them according to their importance. Use stars to identify the most important emails. Go to Settings>General>Stars to select the shapes for your messages and keep on top of your most important correspondences.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Doing this will save a lot of time and boost productivity. Change the keyboard shortcuts according to your preferences and set them to perform the actions you most commonly do. Go to Settings>Keyboard Shortcuts and make the desired changes.

Make calls using Gmail

Google Hangouts is added to your Gmail account. You can use this feature to chat with your contacts and call them also if you have their registered mobile number. This is certainly a beneficial feature to have in your email service.

Love it or hate it, you have got to give credit to Gmail where its due. It has so many amazing features, even long-time users aren’t fully aware of all the functionalities. Google offers so many plugins and add-ons to their services, it won’t be wrong to assume that Gmail has every capability you would want in an email service.

As always, don’t forget to save the changes you make in the settings. You would think I didn’t have to say something this trivial, but people forget to do that more often than you’d imagine. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and also if you know a cool Gmail trick, do share it with us.

Until next time!

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