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The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year is already advancing to be another magnificent show for smart home devices. The main emphasis for this show is the confrontation of Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant. It was recently that GE (General Electric) got on-board with Google Assistant.

The company’s C by GE bulbs were the very first to carry Made by Google certification with Google Home functionality built-in uniquely. This implies that you can control it remotely using Google Assistant. This was announced by Google at the Pixel 3 event held last year, in October. This year, the company will display an assortment of more products at the CES. Thereby, the size of the C by GE line would be effectively tripled.

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What are the upcoming smart home products?

The company is to release full-color lights with a wide variety of color options. These would be accessible in a handful of configurations, which includes a lighting strip. The new full-color lights would be an addition to the standard bulbs that were announced in the fall.

GE is also launching the line’s first smart light switch. This switch enables remote-controlled dimming of standard bulbs. This is an exceptional move since the easiest way to control a light bulb is by using light switches.

A new smart power plug and a motion sensor are also to be released by GE. The power plug will be able to control power to a single device, such as a lamp or a fan. The sensor will be able to control the room’s lighting by virtue of ambient light and movement. This expands their product line beyond lighting, giving room to new innovations.

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Compatibility and cost of the new products

The above mentioned devices that are to be released are all compatible with Google Home devices. They are easy to connect and use as they do not require any separate smart home hub. These devices make use of Bluetooth and can thus be directly controlled from your phone. In addition, all of these will also be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit as well as Amazon Alexa.

However, the lights seem to be slightly expensive, costing in the range of $40-$75. On the other hand, the smart plug costs only $25. The prices of the remaining products are yet to be announced.

Advantages of the Google Home integration

One of the simplest ways to experiment smart lighting is the C by GE line. This is because it does not facilitate the use of a hub. However, it has had few limitations due to constraints of Bluetooth. You need to be within the specified range in order to control the lights. For instance, you couldn’t turn off the lights from your office in case you realized that you left your lights on. This wasn’t possible unless you had a separate hub.

With the Google Home assimilation, this issue is fixed as it allows the bulbs to connect to the internet. As a result, you can now monitor your lights from a distance.

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