Google forays apps for user Privacy!

Privacy is our right and the era that we live in seems to infringe it, be it in terms of technology, new advancements leading to development. The technology that we use at times keeps us in darkness and continues to barge in our privacy. While every technology knows of it, nothing is actually done to curb it. However, why fear when Google is here?

Google, last month announced new permission restrictions to protect user privacy. This initiative in curbing privacy has got restrictions which limit access to permissions related to SMS (Short message Service) and the call log. Our messages and our calls are personal and at times the apps that we download ask for permissions or automatically access our personal data like this which is a threat to not only the user, but also the public at large. Keeping this in mind, Google has limited the permission only to default handlers for phone calls and messaging to have access to the information. No other application can compel a user to share their confidential details.


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Google being adamant about this update has requested apps to plead their case. As to why they want to be granted with the access. Google has also dismissed the bids of the developers of applications. Which require Google to grant them permission and go liberal on the restriction. As a result, apps like Tasker, ACR Call Recorder, and EasyJoin which have had users pay for features. Which mandate the access this information seems to be in a fix.

This has been causing the whole purpose of these applications to diminish. While app developers are having a tough time convincing Google, it has cut some slack for apps which involve enterprise archival, caller ID, spam detection, spam blocking and connected device companions. The aim of this restriction has been partial to a few apps which the above mentioned components. Purpose behind this liberal step- enable user friendly experience and protect the interests of the user. For whom technology has been made, in the first place.

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A list of exceptions has been updated on Google Play’s policy page to the list “Task Automation” as an exempted category of apps. This restriction is a thing to be joyful about, to the users because their privacy is not at stake anymore. However, this update doesn’t seem to go well with the app developers. Whether all apps make it to the liberal side of Google’s permission or not, only time will tell. Until then, we users can take a sigh of relief about our privacy not getting infringed in howsoever manner. Through the technology that we have surrounded ourselves with.

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