Google Lens Rolls Out New Features

Google has a fair share of technological marvels under its belt. One of them is Google Lens. The company has recently launched several new features to its application.

But first, we need to know what this application is.


Google Lens is an image recognition software, which uses Artificial Intelligence-powered technology. It combines deep machine learning with your mobile phone’s camera you show you everything there is to know and do about the object you point your camera at. This includes scanning, translation, shopping, and more.

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It was originally launched on October 4, 2017 but was exclusively available on Google Pixel phones. However, the feature is now available as a downloadable application for Android devices.

Google Lens Rolls Out New Features

If you point your phone at a flower, Google Lens will tell you which flower you’re looking at and where you can buy it. If you point your phone at the SSID sticker on your WiFi router, Google Lens will connect your phone to your WiFi without having to manually type the wife.

Recently, they added some new features.


The application already has an impressive text recognition capability. However, the user can now copy text from scanned documents and paste that wherever required. The user can also directly add the copied material to another device’s clipboard. Tap the “Copy to computer” option after selecting the required text, and choose another device with Chrome.

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Google Lens Rolls Out New Features

Google Lens can also read out words when you need it to. Simply select text with Lens and tap the “Listen” button.

Ever read something and not know what a word means? Now, this application can help you with that without ever having to manually search for meanings. When you select a certain phrase via Google Lens, a search tab will pop up on your screen with all the relevant information.

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