Google Maps ‘For You’: Personalized Culinary Section.

At Google’s I/O developer conference earlier this year, the company introduced a series of new features designed to help Google Maps users learn what is happening around them. A “For You” tab has now been newly introduced broadly in the revamped Google Maps app.

This new feature, For You, is basically a personalized culinary section showing local neighbourhood places, such as trending restaurants, recommended eateries based on a user’s history, restaurant reviews, and so on. It doesn’t stop there. It’s launching for the first time on iOS in over 40 countries and expanding to over 130 new countries on Android. The For You section should roll out to Maps users today.

All that Google Maps has to offer ‘For You’.

The For You feature in Google Maps promises a personalized feed of updates and information from the locations and shops you already like, in addition to recommendations for new places to strive, whether or not you’re in your native neighborhood or in search of a restaurant whenever you’re on trip. It’s type of like a Maps-specific social community, if you are someone in search of such a factor.

When switching over to this tab, you’ll see any number of suggestions – from newly opened places to visit, restaurants to try to new pop-ups – to new menu items at favourite restaurants and restaurant suggestions Google thinks you’d like to try. “Each restaurant or bar now features “Your match,” a numeric rating that tells you how likely you are to enjoy a place based on your own preferences – so you can save time scrolling through lists of reviews and quickly make a decision about where to go,” said Sophia Lin, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps, in a blog post.

The For You tab can also help you with travel planning. Making suggestions of places before you depart, Google assures.

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However this feature is aiming to challenge Facebook as the place where businesses offer updates of their goings-on. News about their sales, events, and other information they want to share with customers.

With these products in place, content publication tools and the ability for users to follow that content. Google is now ready to turn those signals into personalized suggestions. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Google Maps app, where it will show you potential “matches”. Plus news about recent openings, trending spots, and other suggestions.

The For You feature is making the service more personal with machine learning to serve better recommendations. The service wants to let users make better decisions on-the-go and experience the world in new ways.

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