Did Google News just get bugged?

As ironic as it may sounds, a recent discovery of a bug has got Google News in the news that has compelled people to uninstall Google News App altogether!

Google has always left us startled after their revelations time and again. Google has been inevitably a part of our lives since it came into being and with each passing day, we only tend to become more dependent on it. When Google launched Google News years ago, they were resolute in providing the people with all the news globally. To achieve this, they made an advent in the domain of apps and a Google News app. As utilitarian as it seems to have all the news just a click away, a recent discovery shows a bug which eats a lot of background data without the user’s knowledge.


This bug that has been in the rounds since its discovery has the app users infuriating because of the amount of background data that has been getting consumed. Usually, when an app is downloaded, the user is aware of the data that an app would consume that lets him/her decide and prioritize the fate of their data packs. However, this isn’t how it is with Google News, resulting in overage charges.

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A Google News app user said the overnight background usage of this app caused him an overcharge of $75 with disconnected Wi-Fi. A few other users also had to face the charges of up to a few hundred dollars for using up to 24 GB of data, despite downloading the app via Wi-Fi.

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When we dug further more into the problems faced by people, a Help Forum user exclaimed, “Both my husband and I had this issue on our Pixel 2s, but to the tune of 24GB EACH overnight! I was on Fi, luckily, so my bill capped at $60 (I enjoyed slow data for a week, though, and Google said they could do nothing about that??) My husband’s bill just came in at $385 from Verizon.”

While this has been going on since quite some time now, a Google News Community Manager Lisa Wang conceded the presence of this bug and claimed of an investigation having taken place to look and work on the fix. So, with Google team already working on that fix, we as users have nothing more to resort to, to curb this problem but can only limit the background data usage or delete the app to save up our data. The Tech Giant, Google will definitely come up with a solution to this, until then would we have to startle ourselves for maybe another revelation by Google?

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