Google News follows Dark Mode Trend

What is Google News?

Google News is a news aggregator and app developed by Google. It’s a custom internet newspaper with articles from 4,500 different news sources and all the search functions of Google. Google News is available on Android, iOS, as well as the web. Firstly, beta version had launched in September 2002 and finally it officially released in January 2006.

Despite of Google News undergoing many changes over the years, overall functions remain essentially same regardless of updates. For example, in 2018, Google added variety of Artificial Intelligence updates. These updates contain cool features such as newscast and fun elements from YouTube and Newsstand.

Google News

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The core of Google News remains the same, however, regardless of the endless updates deployed. For example:

  1. Google News and the search box restrict your search to only items Google classifies as “news.”
  2. Top Stories get listed towards the top of the page, or above the fold in newspaper terms. Scrolling down reveals more news categories, such as World, US, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Technology and Science. Google assumes about news items that would interest you and suggest what it feels necessary, but you can personalize your experience too.
  3. Viewers can find grouping of the main news sections in the left navigation pane. To get to particular type of news quickly, simply clicks on news grouping that interests you.
  4. Varieties of news section comprise the right-hand navigation pane. You might see sections such as in the News, Recent, Fact Check, Editor’s Picks, Sports, etc.
  5. Across the top of the page are four buttons: Headlines, Local, For You and your country. Selecting a button gives you a choice of options. Headlines provides news from anywhere in the world, whereas Local offers news stories in your actual location and For You offers stories based upon your specific interests.

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What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a feature that turns the background from white to black. It is undoubtedly useful as the users/viewers will not face blinding effect while reading news in pitch black conditions. On android and iOS devices it helps in saving lot of charge. It cuts down on the brightness used by the smartphone to power the display, hence hiving you good battery life. Recently, YouTube, Microsoft and twitter also introduced Dark Mode.  It aims on cutting down the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes as the blue light is known to disrupt your sleeping patterns by meddling with body’s internal clock. Therefore, scientists recommend limiting your exposure to it at late night.

It’s highly likely that this new feature will hit with Google News version 5.5.

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