GOOGLE PIXEL 3: GOOGLE’s next premium flagship

Google now celebrates 10 years since the birth of the first android phone. Google is planning on putting on quite the show with its upcoming flagship the “Pixel 3”. Especially with the release of the new iPhone models, the expectations have been raised for the android universe. With the leaks of this flagship all over the internet from different sources from around the world going head over heels, however Google is not planning to draw all the attention so soon now. Although we can be sure that we will be in for a ride at the event on October 9th. Now for some details about the Pixel 3.


Design Of The New Google Pixel 3

The first glimpse you would notice is the notch on top on the pixel 3 XL. Apparently, the pixel 3 will continue to have the full width top bar on top. The notch however when observed or compared with other smartphones, is deeper than most of the smartphones with a notch. This segment of the phone goes down to the user personal preference. Steve Carell added “it’s not a big deal” sources said. It’s no surprise that you will have to live with the chin a lot more than expected.

Talking about the color variants, we know from the google promo site that there are 3 colors available. These phones will be available in black white and mint colors. Sources proclaim that there will also be couple more colors to be revealed to the limelight. Anything that’s different from the obvious does get our attention. Hence let’s wait for some new colors to get our attention.

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More Details:

Will we ever see a headphone jack on the pixel 3? Those days are over. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing the headphone jack. As we all know we will have the charging port doing the job for us with the help of a connector. With the front facing speakers offering crisp sound, not all is lost. The 21st century kids wouldn’t know what a headphone jack even looked like a few years from now.

Google’s bargaining chip will continue to remain theirs as they will continue to sport the single rear camera in a generation of dual cameras. The rear camera won’t disappoint us during any time of the day.

The back of the phone will continue to have the fingerprint sensor which is awfully sad acknowledging the fact we have new ways of unlocking phones. With the rise of on-screen fingerprint and face unlock options, we are not sure if the phone is going to be future oriented.


We are in for a surprise with the launch of the new android version rolling out through these flagship phones. Sources reveal that the android version (Android Pie) is programmed or perhaps keeping in mind the notch. However, we are not really sure of what we can expect. We will have to wait until the event to see what google comes up with.

For many out there, User experience is what matters most in a mobile device. With Google offering the purest form of android, there is not a lot at stake with the minor drawbacks and we wouldn’t ask for anything more than simplicity.

One thing is for sure that google does and will have a few tricks up its sleeve. We will just this one out until the event to see what they have in store for us.

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