The A-Z of Google Products and Services – B

Today, I will tell you more about Google products and services. Yesterday, we started with A in this A-Z of Google. Some of the services we discuss today may not sound like much, but it shows just how Google spares no opportunity to expand its user base and why it is the household name it is today. Let’s get started with the B of Google products and services:

Backup and Sync: I know this is not an app you can download. This is a feature prevalent across many Google products and services. Your data is constantly backed up and synchronized across devices.

Blogger: This platform is a free blogging space for the users. You can create custom, hosted blogs with features such as photo publishing, comments, group blogs, blogger profiles and mobile-based posting with little technical knowledge. A mobile version of Blogger is available only in USA and Canada.

Build with Chrome: This is an initiative between Lego and Google to build the world using Lego. It is innovative and fun to explore. Sadly, we can’t add any more buildings, but nevertheless, it’s worth checking out. This to me is fascinating at the least. I find the idea appealing and imaginative.

Google Bookmarks: This is self-explanatory and different from your browser’s bookmarks bar.

Google Books: This is a search engine for the complete text of books. The results of a search query depend on the arrangement with the publishers of the books, but it’s extremely helpful.

Google Business Solutions: A collection of Google products and services offered by Google directed at webmasters and businesses. Business owners can use a combination of products working together to be visible on Google, advertise on Google, scale their business, increase revenue and analyze their performance. Of course, we will come across the individual components in upcoming articles. What’s fascinating about this is the idea of so many tools that most of us use every day can also be used in conjunction with each other to deliver massive results.

Some of the services that Google has discontinued are Google Base, Google BlogSearch, Google Buzz, Google Building Maker, BebaPay, and BumpTop. Check out these Google products and services and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Until next time.


  1. That all sounds great, thank you, it’s a big help to have the Information to be able to go and try these things out.

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