Google updated its Contacts App

Google has come up with the new updated look of contacts app i.e. 3.13 that includes clear interaction data feature and a fresh look. The redesign introduces the Material Design 2 theme which comes as a part of Android Pie. Changes has been done from design viewpoint. The performed changes are done to check whether the new material theme is a development over the previous version’s design.


Material Theme can be used in Google Apps:

  • Contacts, Phone, Maps


  • The new material them has changed the home screen dialer.
  • Typography of the app has been changed.
  • Likewise, even the background of InCallUI screen has been changed.
  • Similarly, Google contacts 3.13 has delivered a rejuvenate sidebar and a new trademark that lets users clear interaction data.

What is Rejuvenated Sidebar?

It is very simple to describe the reformed Sidebar. Generic image background at account header has been replaced with the white background to make the app’s design more conservative. This excludes the trace of bright color in the app and it completes the transformation from Material Design 1 to the new theme.

The new version also establishes clear interaction data feature which basically lets you reset the counter which keeps a track of calls, messages, and emails. If we want the data to be cleared, then Google will pop up with the warning message before we decide to reset it. By clearing the interaction data won’t wipe call details, contact details texts and emails. That simply means we can restore the data we will not lose it.

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More Insight

As we are well aware that Google has redesign the contacts App. Still, we can use other apps too if we do not like the changes. So, obviously we can see lot of new things with the version 3.13. Your Google contacts App can be update from Google Play Store. It will support Android devices running on version 5.0 and above devices. Google phone is inadequate to being officially present on Google pixel and Android one devices.

Google contacts 3.0 version brought the Google Sans font and that removed the use of different colors. You will not be able to view the profile picture with the colorful background on the header of your account instead, you will get a white background which will make your profile picture more stand out.

However, we would recommend you try out this new updated feature to experience the changes by your own.

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