Google’s New Rule on Notches for Android Phones

It looks like Google has announced a new rule based on notches for the Android phones. Now, they allow two notches – one at the top and the other at the bottom. But not more than that.

Most probably, this news has come forth due to the upcoming Android P phones. And here are few of the important details based on this rule.

What are notches?

Earlier the smartphones had a thick black bar (or any other colour) at the top and bottom. This took up a lot of the screen space, which further makes our phones look smaller based on screen size.

But the recent phones have an extended screen space. Yet, there needs to be certain space allotted for camera, sensors, speakers, etc. at the front side of your smartphone. To do so, the developers managed to have certain cut outs which are termed as notches, which don’t take up much space.

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Why was the rule of 2 notches made?

Multiple notches or basically more than one notch on the same screen is the new topic of discussion among the developers.

On the 30th of July, 2018, Google mentioned about their rules based on notches, through a post on Android Developers Blog. This was brought about keeping in mind the consistency in the user experience. These were the key guidelines

  • A single edge can contain at most one cut out.
  • A device cannot have more than two cut outs.
  • It cannot have cut outs on either of its longer edges, i.e. on the sides.

Basically compared to Apple iPhones, there is no side notches as per Google’s rules. This is purely because they are concentrating more on the user experience than on the visual experience.

Google mentioned their reason boldly on the blog. They said, “To ensure consistency and app compatibility, we’re working with our device manufacturer partners to mandate a few requirements.”

Which of the phones have this notches feature?

The feature became a major news when Apple introduced iPhone X. Even though it wasn’t the first to bring out this feature, yet the notch feature became the big news after the release of iPhone X.

According to News18, “At present, Android is on 16 different phone models with notches, made by 11 different manufacturers. That number is expected to increase considerably in the next 12 months”.

These 16 Android Oreo phones include – Android co-founder Andy Rubin‘s first and last Essential phone, the PH-1, the Huawei P20, the popular OnePlus 6, Asus’s ZenFone 5, Oppo R15 Pro, and Xiaomi’s new Redmi 6 Pro.

As mentioned earlier, the feature would be widely available for the Android P phones, keeping in mind the Android P Beta program.

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