Google’s new attempt to reducing intrusive and misleading ads on the Internet

Google on Wednesday has now announced that it will block all ads on a webpage if it finds that the page consistently shows abusive ads. This is Google’s new attempt to reducing intrusive and misleading ads on the Internet. It will introduce this functionality with Chrome 71. Chrome 71 will start rolling out from this December. Google says that Chrome 71 will remove all ads on the sites that consistently show abusive experiences and take strict measures to correct or remove them.

Websites that are found to be offering such content will be warned and given 30 days to clean up the site. If they fail to do so within the grace period, the site will be blocked outright. Hopefully, the threat of their website being blocked will be enough for site owners to clean up their act.


Google Chrome 71.

Google started getting stricter with unwanted ads with Chrome 68 earlier this year. With its new Chrome 71 update, which is scheduled to roll out in December this year, it will come with a filter which will remove all abusive advertisement from websites. This filter will be optional for users to turn it on or off from their Settings menu on Chrome. Google had first announced new features on Chrome 68 to contain abusive ads.

Google also fixed the problem of unwanted pages opening up in a main window altogether. Chrome 68 is optimized to detect such activities and prevent unwanted pages from opening up separately.

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The severity.

With this change, Google is targeting the worst of the worst: Ads that trick users into opening new tabs or download shady files without permission. These ads are not only incredibly frustrating, but also potentially dangerous. These ads are often used to enable phishing attacks and other scams. Google has targeted deceptive ads in the past. Google now says,” those changes did not go far enough.

Chrome will ramp up enforcement. Chrome will simply start blocking all advertisement on the site, not just the scammy ones. This should serve a powerful deterrent to website owners who rely on ad revenue.

Coming to terms with ads.

In pursuit of making internet a safer and friendlier zone, Google thrives and presses on to finish line of vigilance. With numerous attempts still carried out, the plight of abusive advertisement across the internet has considerably decreased. People now find lesser annoying ads popping up, which is a good sign. Also, scams enslave a fewer number of victims in their shady schemes. As of now, progress is on the right track.

We still don’t know how this change will come through, but it should go a long way to prevent users from falling victim to these abusive websites. If you have an ad-enabled website, it would be a good idea to check out the Abusive Experiences report right now in order to avoid major issues in the long run when the update is rolled out next month.

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