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Startups are the new happening trend in this digital world. Various ideas, various fields, various cities and various consumer demographics are involved in these startups. But how will you start your initial startup idea? How will you get the recognition or investment necessary?

Well, here are 3 of the best websites or directories where you can submit your ideas and continue building your startup effectively.

Why Submit Your Startup Idea On A Website?

Directories are the best places to post your product/startup/app and get feedback, early adopters and press coverage.

Hence, when you have launched a startup or prototype, one of the most important strategies to prove is your business concept and gaining early user traction. If you’re like most startup founders, you don’t have much money, nor do you have enough money to hire a PR agency. However, to become a great entrepreneur means you have the inquisitiveness to look elsewhere to get your startup liftoff.

In order to gain further product validation and reach product/market fit quickly, so as to scale, there are many platforms or websites available to help you engage with your target users.

3 Websites To Submit Your Startup Ideas –

Gaining early user traction is often the hardest part of the startup life cycle; hence here are three such platforms or websites that could help you promote your startup for a very low cost.

#1 Angellist

If you need funds to raise funding for your startup, Angellist is a great platform to build a community that will help you get seed funding. Within the startup world, it’s one of the best directories for exhibiting startups globally. It’s now also starting to become a social network, meaning you can connect with investors and high-net worth professionals to help receive funding for your startup.

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#2 Product Hunt

Product Hunt is now the forefront when it comes to showcasing your product to the world. It is a great platform to promote services on Technology, games or books, and well, pretty much everything. It has voting system which enables your product to rise in the list of new products. The benefits of Product Hunt if something goes viral, it can significantly grow your company very quickly. If you are looking to attract customers who are always in search of newer products, then Product Hunt is one of the main websites you should look for, which has more than 90k subscribers. Also, subscription is absolutely free.

#3 Launching Next

Launching Next is an impressive platform that features the most promising startups on a daily basis. Why do I mention impressive? It has great guides and content in relation to launching startups to gain early user traction; and successful case studies of entrepreneurs launching startups at a low-cost. Further related to their content, they have individually interviewed startup founders launching their startups, and asking them their experiences of launching startups, and what lessons they learnt.

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