GoT fans unhappy with the final season (Part 2)

Note : Complete Spoilers Alert!!
In our previous article we had mentioned how the Game of Thrones (AKA GoT) fans are unhappy with the plot. As the hours pass by after the final episode of the series, the number of people going against the plot has been increasing. Fans are completely dissatisfied and angry with the outcome of the story line.

Reasons for GoT fans dissatisfaction-

We had earlier covered 3 topics which are quite the disappointment; in this post, we will notice the various other instances wherein the plot could have been better.

4) Arya? Who?

Everyone knows Arya as the most bravest character in the entire series. This character has particularly grown from the start. So did Arya’s death list. But there were few loopholes in this final season specifically Arya-centric.

Firstly, Arya had Cersei in her death list ever since the first season; but The Hound told her no way kid, get out of here. And Arya, who is normally stubborn, ended up obeying him? That was indeed something new. from this trained character.

Secondly, how did Arya and the Hound get from Winterfell to King’s Landing so fast? Is Westeros really that small? Also how is it that Arya is one of the only people who appears to survive the flames from Dany’s dragon, Drogon?

Third, the prophecy of Arya killing men of all eye colors, blue, green, etc. But what about green? She hasn’t killed or they haven’t shown?

Lastly, just as Arya seemed doomed to die in the flaming wasteland of King’s Landing, a white horse magically appeared to rescue her. Seriously, what are the odds? Was it a Biblical reference? A real-life symbol of the toy horse the girl from King’s Landing was holding onto? And towards the end she ends up making yet another lame decision to find what is ‘west of westeros’. Did she really not know that the world is indeed round?

5) Jaime’s high hope –

Dany was not the only one who changed their character in the last minute. Another one would be that of Jaime Lannister.

He was on the upward trajectory to be a good person …then he decides after sleeping with Brienne to go back to his sister/lover Cersei? The woman he had abandoned over her treacherous ways?

Personally, I would say this was not only quick but also in a way very stupid. Even in the prior episode, the conversation between Jaime and Thyrion showed the immense cruelty showcased by Cersei throughout the series; yet he ends up trying to save her. But ends up dying with her in his arms.

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6) Drogon and Ghost fans –

In episode 4, Euron ends up killing one of Dany’s dragon, quite easily. But in just the next episode, his army is unable to even touch the dragon with many similar weapons. Also, after Dany’s death, Dragon flies away with Dany. There has been no say as to where he is (although Bran further suggests he could find him).


Another important animal character has been Jon’s dire-wolf – Ghost. His partition from Jon was just too plain and once again abrupt. So much so that Jon almost looked emotionless.
Eventually in the last season, there is a bit of love shown between the two. But importantly, where was this version of Jon earlier?

7) Jon’s Prophecy is a fake?

Jon was killed and brought back to life with the help of the infamous Lord of Light. But who was the Lord of Light. And was the prophecy completely a joke? Since obviously Jon isn’t the one who received the throne.

Also, according to the books (and a bit in the series), Azor Ahai was a legendary figure in GOT history who defeated evil to end the Long Night thousands of years ago and the followers of the Lord of Light (like Melisandre) have been big believers that Azor Ahai will be reincarnated as the Prince That Was Promised (or, as Missandei pointed out, since the word for “prince” is gender neutral in High Valyrian, possibly the Princess That Was Promised). The idea is that this second coming of Azor Ahai would destroy another great evil and save the world from another Long Night.

Now, we all thought that the great evil and long night in question referred to the White Walkers and the Night King, which is why it was so confusing when Arya Stark defeated the Night King, in spite of not really fitting the Azor Ahai prophecy. It’s possible that we were all just reading the prophecy wrong and that the real evil for this generation of Westeros is Daenerys herself. Under this reading, Jon Snow could kill her and fulfill the prophecy. Since another part of the lore of Azor Ahai involves him driving a sword through the heart of his true love, this could get extra on the nose, depending on how Jon does the deed.

8) Fake Sexism?

Some fans believed that “Game of Thrones,” with its themes of overcoming oppression and sexism, would be the series that broke destructive social cycles.

A show filled with so many strong women seemed to bring a message of female empowerment. Instead, it’s become a lesson of leadership fitness, with undertones suggesting women fail as rulers because of their emotions.

Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell, couldn’t accept Dany’s power. Dany was stuck on proving to Cersei that she isn’t weak. Cersei was too prideful to realize that her reign, and life, were coming to an end.
Fans were excited about the idea of a woman taking charge, only to see the show seemingly revert back to a familiar TV and movie hero: a white man with a noble lineage.


The list could still go on based on many observations made by various different people. If you know more about these instances, or know about new instances which were disappointing to you, do comment below. Or maybe we’ve got it all wrong, and you like it? Well, do let us know your point of view below. 🙂

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