Green Flags in a Relationship

You will find various websites and blogs on the internet that will warn you regarding the red flags in a relationship. We are often advised to test our relationship and our partners. However, this article is a little different as in this we will talk about the green flags in a relationship. This basically means the signs that tell you that both your relationship and your partner are precious and you shouldn’t let them go due to your misdoings or stupidity.

They apologize when they are wrong

One of the foremost signs of being in a healthy and secure relationship is that your partner always makes sure to apologize when they are wrong. Their ego doesn’t come in between when it comes to accepting their mistakes or asking for n apology. If you have such kinds of partners, then make sure that you preserve them and don’t lose them due to your stupidity.

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Their words and behavior align

This is a general saying that action speaks louder than words. However, it is equally important that a person’s actions and words match as it means that they value the concept of trust and honesty. You are definitely lucky if your partners’ words and behavior align. This also means that they will keep all the promises that they have made to you and are here to stay with you forever.

They encourage your connection with others

Most of us fancy terms like possessiveness and dominance. However such things look good in novels only. While you are with someone, it is important that they encourage you to build your connections and preserve the ones that you already have. The person who is always cribbing that you just focus on him or her and forget every other person in your life isn’t healthy for your life.

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