Green Flags in Friendship

The internet is filled with articles that tell us about bad friends or bad company. All of you might have encountered posts where you are told to not make friends easily or trust people as in today’s time it is difficult to find a true friend. However, this article is a little different as in this we will take a look at the signs that describe that you have made a friend for life and he or she needs to be cherished. Here are some of the green flags in friendship.

They uplift and motivate you

The friends who try to uplift you and motivate you to reach greater heights are precious. If you have someone in life who feels happy with your success and achievements, then you should remember that you have made a friend for life. There is no place of jealousy or insecurity in a friendship as both the people involved should inspire each other rather than demotivating the other person.

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They keep you grounded

It is good if your friends praise you for your achievements and motivate you to move forward in life. However, you don’t need someone who is always buttering you and is just feeding your ego. It is important to have friends in life who keep you grounded and don’t let you fly high in the sky. A person should always be connected with his roots and if your friend helps you in practicing the same, then know that they are precious.

Your bond doesn’t change with time

Your bond has passed the test of time. You should know that no matter how much you try, you will grow apart from your friends. There are times when we are so messed up or involved in our own lives that we forget about every other relationship we have. However, if your friendship isn’t fazed with such hurdles, then you have made a friend in the truest sense.

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