The new group planning feature on Google Maps

Earlier this year, Google had announced to launch an improvised version of the Google Maps, which focuses on discovery. These are a new set of features. These will be included as additional features to the already existing ones which help in finding directions. Few other updated features have already been launched this year. They include many of the exploration and discovery tools. However, not many users have been observed to be using these upgraded features.


Objective of the Group Planning feature on Google maps:

Google is basically trying to ease the work of searching and deciding on a place to have a meal or any other sort of outing for a group of individuals. Thus, People can now make use of Maps to easily choose where they wish to go. The final decision would be made depending on the preferences of majority of the people in the group. By introducing the Group Planning feature, they have additional benefit of engaging its users within their app. Users will not non-Google messaging apps for deciding their outing plans.

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Functioning of the feature:

The group planning can be done by creating a list of places in Maps. After creating the options you can share it with your friends. It can be shared with your friends similar to how any other links are shared. On clicking this link, they will automatically be directed to Maps wherein the entire group of individuals can easily opt or vote for a particular place of their interest from the list of places mentioned. In addition, they are also given an option to delete places from the shortlist and add any other places of their choice. Therefore, the group of people can easily decide on one place together based upon the most common preference.

Launching period:

Google will launch the new updated Google Maps with the Group Planning feature soon. Android as well as iOS will have this feature, although it hasn’t yet been decided as to which one among these operating systems would be the first to receive the updated version. The user can simply update to the latest version of the Google Maps app to start using the new feature once it has been launched.

In the forthcoming days, there are possibilities of more interesting updates. The ones that would launch for the Google Maps app. To stay aware of all the upcoming updates, make sure to come back.

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