Guide To Pick Perfect Lingerie

Lengerie is the first thing you need to wear every day, and so it needs to be lovely and comfortable. A lot of women aren’t sure of how they can pick up lengerie and they end up regretting. If you are one of those, this is a must-read article, as it will help you choose perfect lingerie for you.

1. Measure size
Size plays an extremely important role when it comes to lingerie. A bra which is too tight won’t let you breathe. And a lose bra can make you lose shape. So, ensure that there’s gap of a finger in your bra band. You should measure your bra size with the help of band size as well as bust size, before getting your bra.
Your panty should be breathable too, there should be some gap between your public region and the fiber, especially during your periods.

2. Occasion
Apart from size, style matters. Consider the occasion for which you’ve to dress. It may be a party and you may be wearing an off shoulder dress, for which you either need a tube bra or one with a transparent.

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3. Comfort
This is where we miss out, COMFORT! We just go for a fashionable or matchable lingrie and then regret wearing it or feel awkward about it. So, always look for the material of cloth. Try wearing cotton as much as you can.

4. Combos
Another thing you need to consider while getting your perfect new lingerie is whether to buy only one piece or combo of upper wear and bottom wear. If planning for a romantic night, go for a gorgeous combo.

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