Guidelines for Vegan Fashion in times of Fast fashion!

Fast fashion has lead to an increase in use of production methods that are harmful for environment and produce health hazards. It has also lead to increasing use of animal skin and parts in the production of apparel.
However, the increasing concerns about the climate crisis is also leading to changing attitudes for consumption, particularly among youngsters.

According to a poll conducted by a research firm, it was found that two-thirds of 16- to 24-year-olds were trying to make more ethical fashion choices than a year ago.

The increasing awareness and demands of fashion buyers has inundated retailers to produce vegan products.

New guidelines have been set out by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for retail businesses to ensure that vegan fashions are really 100% free of animal products.

The demand for vegan products came from retailer from specialist independent labels to Marks& Spencer, Topshop and New Look.

However, the process is more complex than just eliminating popular materials such as leather, suede and wool.

Retailers must examine every material used in a product, including the ingredients of the glues, dyes and waxes.

The BRC warns retailers they should should not claim a product as sustainable simply because it is vegan. – Vegan only means that the product contains no animal-derived materials or ingredients.

Vegan-labelled items should also be providing an alternative to something that is traditionally made with animal products.

Leah Riley Brown, a sustainability policy adviser at the BRC, said if retailers followed the guidelines to the letter, shoppers could be 100% confident that the products they bought were truly vegan.

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