Habits of People who Grew Up with an Emotionally Absent Parent

Parents are a beautiful blessing from God. Most of us are blessed with some really good parents who are always there with us with both happiness and sorrow. However, not everyone is lucky as there are some who lived with an emotionally absent parent. A few children spent their childhood and teenage without any guidance as their parents were too busy to give them some attention. If you are also among one of those who spent their life with emotionally absent parents, read this article to find out the habits you might have developed over time.

You have trust issues

Due to the emotional absence of your parents, you have developed trust issues. You don’t seem to trust anybody easily. Even if you do trust somebody, you are always paranoid about the fact that they are lying or they might leave you. You also need constant reassurance.

You blame yourself

Over time, you have established the fact that your parents weren’t really present in your life due to your mistakes. People who grow up with emotionally absent parents, start feeling that there is some fault in them. The unhealthy feeling starts getting into your head and you start blaming yourself for each and everything wrong that is happening in your life.

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You cling to friendships

Since you have been deprived of love and care from childhood, you start looking for alternatives through which you can feel loved and secured. Thus you tend to cling to every relationship or friendship that you form in your life. This is also your coping mechanism as you fear being alone just like in your childhood.

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