Habits that Less-favored Child Might Develop

Many of us have grown up with siblings. It is unlikely for the parents to show any biasedness towards a particular child from the siblings. The parents generally love all their children equally. However, there have been cases when the parents differentiated between their children and loved one child way more than any other child. This isn’t a healthy practice to follow as it can affect the mental peace and health of all the family. Also, the less-favored child might develop certain habits that can trouble them in the long run.

Low self-worth

The children who grow up seeing their parent’s biased behaviors towards their siblings often develop low self-worth. Due to a lack of love and care from childhood, they start doubting themselves and in some cases even blame themselves for their parent’s indifferent behavior. The low self-worth reflects in their other actions too as they don’t pay much attention to their own feelings and emotions.

Cling to friendships

Since you have been deprived of love and care from childhood, you start looking for alternatives through which you can feel loved and secured. Thus you tend to cling to every relationship or friendship that you form in your life. This is also your coping mechanism as you fear being alone just like in your childhood.

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One good habit that such children develop early in life is the art of independence. Such people know the importance of being independent both financially and physically. They also don’t have much attachment with their family and h=can easily move ahead in life.

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