Habits That Make You Age Faster

In today’s world all of us want to look good and presentable every time. However, there are times when our skin looks way older than we actually are. Along with genetics, there are many factors that contribute to your perceived age. If you don’t want to face the problem of aging, try making the following changes to your daily life.


  • Alcohol

Regular drinking can make your skin age faster as alcohol is a natural diuretic. This means that the more alcohol you consume, the more dehydrated you become. Human body works in fluids and depriving the body from the same can result in abnormal body processes.

  • Insufficient sleep

Human body needs a sleep of about 7-8 hrs daily for proper functioning of the body organs and good memory performance. Lack of sleep can result in problems like impaired cognition and severely impacts the functioning of the immune system. Poor sleep quality will also reduce the skin elasticity and increase under-eye puffiness which will further speed-up the aging process.

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  • No-fat diets

You must have heard that you should cut down on fats to maintain your body shape. However, complete eradication of fats from the diet can prove to be harmful for your skin. It is important to consume omega-3 fatty acids as it helps to keep skin supple and smooth. Therefore, a low-fat diet can cause wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

  • Not using sun protection

One of the main reasons for premature aging of the skin is the exposure to harmful UV Rays. Often it is stated that you should use sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. However, it is equally important to apply sunscreen on Cloudy day too as clouds are capable of stopping only 20% UV rays. So make sure to use a suitable amount of sunscreen on your skin to prevent it from burning and aging.

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