Hacks To Buy Your Printer Ink For Less Cost

Something that is more important than a printer is the very own ink of your printer. But in order to buy this you will have to go through a lot of hard work and confusion.

In fact, we should all keep a replacement cartridge on hand. And there’s really no excuse not to. After all there’s plenty of cheap printer ink around. But how do you get hold of it? Here’s our top six hacks on how to find and buy your cool printer for cheaper costs.

#1 Shop online

While we all mourn the death of the high street there’s no escaping many things cost less online. And if you’re looking for cheap printer ink you need to shop on the internet.

#2 Buy genuine manufacturers ink

Hang on. What? Wait! I know what you’re thinking. “If I want cheap printer ink I should buy compatible or counterfeit cartridges.” Well, in theory, you’re right. But hear me out.

Compatible cartridges may be less expensive to buy but they could end up costing you more in the long run. You’ll get more spoiled pages, the print quality will be poor and the ink could damage your printer. Not only that but using compatible inks could invalidate the warranty on your printer. Only use genuine ink cartridges.

#3 Go big

The bigger you go the more value you get. It’s true of a lot of things in life; buy a case of beer instead of a single can, a box of crisps not a single bag. You get the idea. When you’re looking for cheap printer ink a multi-pack always offers better value.

Buying two or more cartridges in a pack works out cheaper than purchasing the same number of cartridges individually. And the added bonus here is you’ll always have a replacement cartridge for when the one in use runs out.

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#4 Yield, yield, yield

Following on from point 3. Always opt for a higher yield cartridge. Ink cartridges are available as standard, high yield, extra high yield and super high yield. Not every ink is available in all four types.

But with most inks you’ll at least have the choice of standard or high yield. The higher the yield the more pages you’re able to print. And the cost per page decreases. To get cheap printer ink you should buy the highest yield cartridge you can.

#5 Make sure you get the right ink

Pretty obvious really. But don’t waste your cash on buying a cartridge only to find it’s the wrong type for your printer. To make sure you get the correct ink for your printer you can use many of the handy ink finder tools; available by searching on Google.

 #6 Cost of the replacement ink

Always check the cost of the replacement ink before you buy a printer. Plenty of apparent bargains turn out to be anything but when you take this into account.  If you’re not going to be printing out photos a mono printer will be fine.

And it’s always much cheaper to print in mono. But if you do need color look at printers in which you only have to replace the empty color cartridge rather than all the colors at the same time.

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