Hakomuna – The Future Messenger App!

Ever wondered about keeping your friends curious about certain messages that you send to them? Or keep them in the dark as to who send them the messages? Or would you like to just have some good old fun by messing around with your friends?
Well, you can now send such anonymous messages or prank your friends, family or even your long-time-unspoken crush with the new Hakomuna – The Future Messenger App.

Almost a week back, that is, on the 14th of September, this unique messaging app was launched. It is available to all Android phones on the Google Play Store.
(You could click here to download the Hakomuna app.)
But the iPhone users would have to wait as of now, although they can use it through the website link – www.hakomuna.com.

What does Hakomuna exactly mean?

Hakomuna basically stands for “Haath Ko aaya Mu Na laga.

The above tagline is actually in the Indian language, known as Hindi. It is a simple and commonly used Proverb in the Hindi language. It’s translation in English would be – “The morsel was in the hand, but I wasn’t able to taste it
The meaning of the above mentioned proverb would be that the opportunity was there but one wasn’t able to take advantage of it. But in this app’s context it clearly specifies the whole motto of the app – The messages are right in front of you, yet you would be unable to read them due to the app’s unique features.

Features of Hakomuna – The Future Messenger App –

The following are the features or functions of the unique app:-

  • It’s the world’s first messenger app to send locked messages.
  • Now confess secretly and set the time lock on your confessions.
  • You could also send messages to yourself in order to read after few days or months or even years.
  • You could have your unexpected but rather ultimate locked messaging experience.
  • As friends, family or even strangers, your messages are well-protected.
  • Hakomuna promises to keep anonymity when you have locked your messages.

How did this unique app come into existence?

The story is quite interesting. The founders came across a situation wherein they realized there are no apps or websites which provide the above mentioned features of anonymity, locked messages or secretly timed messages.

Hence, came the thought of bringing about an app which could secretly surprise your friend, lover, crush, family members, or anyone else for that matter. The art here is the locked messages. It gives an insight of a brand new way to send messages to others.

It can be easily used by just linking your Facebook account.

Role of Kavya Khurana –

Kavya Khurana is an entrepreneur and an influencer from India. She has been promoting the Hakomuna app, ever since it has started on her Instagram handle.

She recently uploaded a comical video explaining the perks of the app. The video is quite a simple one wherein she pranks her brother using hakomuna. She gave the following caption for her post which also gave an insight to a give-away-challenge :-

Here’s how I used the #HakomunaApp to prank my brother @nikhildeep_sambyalwith its anonymous and locked messaging features ! .
Win a #GiveAway worth INR 2000 with #Hakomuna Contest in 4 simple steps:
1.) Download the Hakomuna app from google play store : http://bit.ly/2CURK0V
2.) Use the app to prank/express/help your loved ones.
3.) Share your idea via your Instagram stories, you have to put up a story telling us how you used the #HakomunaApp.
4.) Tag @kavyakhurana and use #Hakomuna.
2 Best #Hakomuna stories win an exciting giveaway worth INR 2000/- .
Video by @fake_firangi

The video can be viewed by just clicking here – Hakomuna Advertisement.

hakomuna video

Hakomuna’s words

The following is what’s mentioned as the app’s description on Google Play Store –

” Hakomuna – The Future Messenger App brings you the most unique way of sending messages to anyone in the world.

Share secret anonymous messages with your friends, loved ones, crush. Hakomuna Messenger App allows you to send a locked message to your friend without revealing the message details which leaves a curiosity in your friend’s head till the point the message is hatched.

How to use the Hakomuna Messenger app?

  • Download Hakomuna.
  • Log-in with Facebook and create your username. 
  • Share the link that appears with your friends / colleagues and let them share anonymous messages with you which hatches in future. 
  • You will be able to see all new messages in the unread section.
  • Invite friends to download the Most Futuristic Messenger App. 

How to make your Friend anxious using Hakomuna Messenger App:

  1. Set the time.
  2. Send the Message (You can hide your identity too).
  3. Your Friend Receives the message.
  4. He/she can’t read the message.
  5. Thus, your friend become anxious, curious till the specified time.

What makes it easy & fun to use:

  • Funniest Way to connect anyone through Messenger.
  • One Click sign-in with Facebook.
  • Reach anyone, find them by name, username, email id.
  • Use anywhere, The Future Messenger works on all devices, be it android, web etc.
  • Send a text message, share a photo and keep all of them locked.First time in the history of messaging, you can send the locked messages to your friends, family or any random person around the world. The messenger app which gives you control over your messages even after sending them. Now you can receive the messages but you can’t see what’s there. A whole new unique messaging experience app awaits your comments and ideas to bring out the much more features expanding Hakonuma.It’s time you can write down all your confessions to your loved ones without letting them know. The beauty of the app lies in the fact that you can schedule these messages in future leaving the other person wondering what would be in that message.We are doing our best in order to serve you and bring awesome future messaging experience by saving your time and phone memory.

Interesting right?
Well, make sure to be tuned in to our blog for more updates regarding this app.


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