Hand sanitizers: A threat to life

The corona virus pandemic has raised concerns world wide. In order to prevent it, WHO suggests washing hands frequently with soap, or using a hand sanitizer.

However, hand sanitizer possess some risks. And, there have been some incidents of burns due to the it’s use in the kitchen.

A man suffered from 35% burns after he spilled sanitizer on his clothes and stood near stove, according to an ANI report.
Many people aren’t aware of it’s components and the risk it possess to one’s life.

How is it dangerous?
Hand sanitizers contain nearly 62% ethyl alcohol, which makes it highly inflammable. Thus, using it in kitchen or working in kitchen after applying it may catch fire and lead to burns.

So should i not use it?
Hand sanitizers should be used only in case it’s necessary. During this pandemic period, try washing your hands with soap as much as possible. Even when you use it, follow certain measures.

What are the measures to follow?
1-Do not use it or keep it in Kitchen.
2- Allow it to dry before you enter kitchen.
3- Keep it away from children.
4- Ensure that the bottle is well sealed and doesn’t leak.
5- Keep it at a cool and dry place, away from heat.

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