Harmless Phrases that Can Trigger People with Trauma

People battling mental problems like depression and trauma can be easily triggered by some harmless phrases. You should always be careful while speaking with people with trauma as you can trigger something bad for them with your words. In this article, we take a look at some harmless phrases that can come across as toxic for those living with trauma or depression.

Everything happens for a reason

This might seem like a normal sentence for many of us. We often use it to comfort people in distress. However, saying such things to a person with trauma can anger them to a great extent. People find it difficult to search for the positive in a situation after going through a painful experience. They can’t detect the reason behind it happening to them only.

We’re all going through problems

While comforting someone or hearing about their sad story, one should not start bragging about their own painful experiences. This doesn’t lessen the pain of the other person instead it makes them feel alone and misunderstood. You should try to comfort the person with trauma by highlighting the miseries other people are facing in life.

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You need to move on

It is easy said than being done. Moving on seems easy when something bad has happened to the other person. However, it is difficult to heal from traumatic experiences as it leaves scars for life. Instead of just telling the other person to move on, you should give them some constructive advice regarding how they heal from a bad past or a traumatic experience.

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