Harry-Potter fan couple modelled 100-years Hogwarts fashion on Tik tok

Michael and Hayley Burson are die-hard fan of Harry Potter since almost forever. The couple got married seven years back when they were in college. It was Michael who started a ‘Harry Potter club” and Hayley joined it. And since then, they have been together.

The Bursons often do “Harry Potter” cosplays, with Michael usually sewing costumes for them.

Recently, they posted two separate videos on tik-tok in which they are modelling what they think fashion at Hogwarts would have looked like over the past 100 years.

Watch it out here

Hayley’s video got many views, however, they video of Michael was shared worldwide. And surprisingly, J. K. Rowling not just watched  it but also retweeted the TikToks of Michael on Twitter, telling her followers she laughed out loud at the video.

The Bursons said they were shocked that Rowling saw the TikTok.

“We were watching TV, and then Michael clutched his chest and was like, ‘J. K. Rowling’s seen it,'” Hayley said.

“It was an insanely cool moment,” she added. “I was just floored.”

The couple also told to a media portal, that they would want to continue doing the Harry-Potter inspired cosplays.

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