Health, Wellness and Well-being features to be added in cars following Corona Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has encouraged automobile industries to focus more towards health, wellness and well being or HWW in the automobiles. The previous decade was about greenery and enviornment, but this require a focus on health facilities that can be derived by cars.

On an average, people spend around 40 mins in care everyday, and so car has to become more than a means of transportation.

HWW’s penetration among car companies need to manifest in two forms:
‘purify’ and ‘measure and monitor’ in-vehicle features.
‘Purify’ will enable to monitor the external ambience air quality in a response to rising pollution in cities. While, ‘Measure and monitor’ features will support the drivers or passengers through early detection of ailments, and assistance in emergencies.

Location services that provide allergen warnings, and biosensors that enable monitoring of glucose levels, heart rate and blood pressure could be among app-based wellness features.

General well-being features will encompass drunk-driving prevention , causing cars to auto-lock when they detect higher than permissible levels of alcohol.

Also incorporating mood-based suggestions, driver drowsiness detection and driver workload estimator, among a host of others.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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