Healthy Processed food- Yes you read it right!

Whenever we hear the term ‘processed food, pizza, burger, pasta and cookies is what comes to our mind. But, processed food is way ahead of it.
And despite its bad reputation, it has some really healthy options for you.

What is processed food?

Food that has been altered from its natural form is called processed food. Well, altering it doesn’t mean deep frying or adding on sugar. Processing can be done by many ways such as canning, roasting, freezing, packaging or cooking.
Thus, some processed items are really healthy but we hardly look on to them.

Here are top 5:

1- Peanut butter
Peanut butter is anyway a processed food since the peanuts are roasted and grinded and then blended into a smooth buttery texture. But, the amount of good it contains is just unmatchable. Peanut butter is high in protein and low in carbs, making it suitable even for diabetic people. It is a great source of healthy fats and something you can certainly choose when it comes to having processed food.

Even though it comes in a container, it is an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B12, calcium, and a food source of probiotic.
You should in fact, consume a bowl of it everyday. Just check the amount of sugar it contains by reading the label. Although, yogurt contains half the amount of sugar than the protein.

3-Chick peas and canned beans
Canned food is what we always tend to avoid when being health conscious. Well, chick peas and beans are among the most healthy processed food items. And the reason is it’s abundance in fiber, iron, and resistant starch making it a great low-fat, affordable, plant-based protein source.

4-Frozen veggies
Don’t keep it distant just cz it comes in a bag. Frozen veggies are minimally processed and are frozen when they are at peak levels on nutrition. They restore mostly all amounts of nutritional values. In fact, they can even be more nutritious than fresh due to the timings of their freezing.

5-Dark chocolate
Don’t confused it with a normal chocolate. Dark chocolate contains almost negligible amounts of sugar. Even it is proved to improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Chocolate is also associated with improving mood by releasing harmone. So, you can complete binge on it. Just ensure that it has atleast 70% of cocoa as its content.

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